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A Virtual Event
5 Days of Stem Cells
Connect. Discover. Advance.
Join us for the world’s leading virtual stem cell event.

Connect to the latest stem cell techniques, research breakthroughs, and esteemed scientists from around the world – until February 1, 2021

Over 1,500 researchers from around the world joined the 8th annual Gibco™ 5 Days of Stem Cells Virtual Event. 

The 5-day event featured the latest advances in stem cell research including developments and discoveries on research topics such as iPSC-derived disease models, COVID-19, 3D models, and cell and gene therapies.


 "This was the perfect opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the stem cell research field."  

"This event allowed me to gain a lot of new insights on stem cell research and current protocols, which will be very useful in my research."


"Such a great opportunity to connect with researchers all around the world and share learnings."


"This is the best virtual event that I have ever taken part in. I loved it and can't wait to share with colleagues."


"Great platform to learn more about Gibco products with lots of fun."