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Carl Dargitz

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Carl Dargitz currently works at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Scientist III in the Cell & Gene therapy workflows group.  During his four years at Thermo Fisher Scientific he has worked to develop characterization assays for PSCs and immune cell types and on cell therapy workflows and instrumentation.  He received his Master’s degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in stem cell research in 2013.  Previously, he worked in Dr. Inder Verma’s lab at the Salk Institute differentiating iPSCs into lung airway epithelium to study Cystic Fibrosis, and at the stem cell core facility at Salk managing the core’s reprogramming and characterization services.   

Rotea: A Versatile Cell Therapy Workflow Instrument for Cell Isolation, Washing, and Concentration


Bringing cell and gene therapy treatments to patients has many challenges to overcome, however, none may be greater than the efficient and consistent processing and delivery of these products.  Rotea’s counterflow centrifugation technology enables cell separation, washing, and concentration of many cells types and can be easily programmed to serve many additional workflows.  The single use kit and instrument are able to capture and sustain up to 5 billion cells in a stable, fluidized bed with flexible inputs and output volumes as low as 5 mL. Protocols can be designed to wash and concentrate virtually any cell type, including various types of stem cells by adjusting the centrifuge and pump rate.