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Omar Farah

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Farah received his doctorate from McGill University in Canada where he studied early embryo lineage specification and development of the female reproductive tract needed for proper embryo-uterine crosstalk. Omar continued his postdoctoral work at the University of California, San Diego where he focused on using stem cell-based models to study extra-embryonic lineage specification, trophoblast differentiation, and placental development. 

Optimizing Stem Cells Workflows to Build Better Disease Models


At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our goal is to bring innovative new products and services that enable the development of more physiological relevant disease models to help accelerate the drug discovery process. In this seminar, we will share an overview of our pluripotent stem cell-based workflow offerings and capabilities used to develop more predictive models. This seminar will review a 5- step guide, from reprogramming, genome engineering, characterization to differentiation, and even downstream analysis assays, needed for the generation of a successful stem cell-based disease model. In addition, specific examples will be provided of how stem cell researchers are leveraging various products and services to build relevant disease models to achieve their research goals.